Acupuncture in the Context of Yi Jing
Speaker: Michel Vinogradoff
Fee: 30.000₽
10:00 - 18:00 by Moscow time
16-19 December 2021
Welcome to the Acupuncture in the Context of Yi Jing Seminar by Michel Vinogradoff, one of the leading acupuncturists of France.
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About the Project
The Acupuncture in the Context of Yi Jing project will be introduced in Russia for the first time. The course theory and practice are based on the classical philosophical and medical texts of ancient China. During the study consideration will be given to the concepts of Luo-points and Extra Ordinary Channels which, being used, go beyond the symptomatology, instead the patient is considered as a wholeness. This is what the classical texts call the treatment of roots, rather than branches. In the course of the first seminar Michel Vinogradoff will share his personal observations and present the cases from his many-year practice.
The project major intention is to take a further look at the acupuncture in the context of Yi Jing. Irrespective of experience, by the end of the course you will acquire knowledge which can be immediately used in practice.
For the discussion to be more clear, the key concepts available in Yi Jing, the Book of Changes, should be considered.

An insight into these concepts is essential for better understanding acupuncture and its basics, as well as for its medical use

During the seminar the Speaker will present different clinical cases from his practice. The use of the above points will be supported by the data obtained during long-term observations.

This approach has the advantage of better use of the Luo-points and Extra Ordinary Channels, which goes beyond the symptomatology, instead the patient is considered as a wholeness. This is what the classical texts call the treatment of roots, rather than branches.

The Speaker has not developed this method. The case in point is the in-depth study of the acupuncture concepts, described in the classical texts, to apply needling more efficiently.

The Speaker is an international lecturer. He has been delivering lectures for 25 years in different Schools of Acupuncture in Europe, during his own seminars and international congresses.
Presentation of the concepts proposed during the seminar is based on the classical philosophical and medical Chinese texts.

Medical texts:

· Nei Jing (Su Wen and Ling Shu);

· Nan Jing (Canon of 81 Difficult Issues of Nei Jing, dated to the time of the Han dynasty);

· Zhen Jiayi Jing written by Huangfu Mi (215-282) and dated to 25;

· Da Zheng (1601).

Philosophical texts:

· Yi Jing, the Canon and comments, translated by the Speaker.

· Dao De Jing: Laozi;

· Zhuangzi by master Zhuang

Excerpts from the texts are given along with their Chinese versions and the Speaker’s explanations during the seminar, in order everyone can gain clear and deep impression of the subject.
Acupuncture Concepts under study
The use of Luo points. These basic points make possible balancing of the relationship between man, heaven and earth.

Extra Ordinary Channels and their ‘melody’. These channels being the essentials of each human are considered embryologically, structurally and functionally to be properly used in a patient.
One of the leaders of AFA (French Acupuncture Association)

Member of CFA (French College of Acupuncture and Moxibustion), a scientific society consisting of 32 fellows engaged in setting relations between acupuncturists and the Ministry of Public Health

Member of the Ricci Institute of Studying Chinese, Paris
Michel Vinogradoff
The seminar is addressed to
Acupuncturists, TCM Specialists who wish deepen their knowledge and improve their practical skills.

Basic knowledge of acupuncture is mandatory. No matter what experience has the acupuncturist, during the seminar he will gain knowledge which can be immediately practically applied.
Training Format
Taking into account the situation with Coronavirus disease in the world and Russia, we are ready to offer two forms of participation in the project. If a trainer can come to Russia, and specifically, to St Petersburg, then the seminar will be held in-person with simultaneous broadcasting online. Students participating in the seminar online will be able to communicate in full and ask question. In case the epidemic situation does not allow the trainer to come to Russia, the seminar will be held online for all the students.
At the end of training
Each participant will be awarded a Certificate signed by the Speaker.
As Sun Si Miao, a well-known ancient doctor who lived from 581 to 682 and wrote Beiji Qian Jin Yao Fang (Essential Formulas for Emergencies Worth a Thousand Pieces of Gold), said,

Knowledge of Yi (Yi Jing) and knowledge of acupuncture
are inseparable.

There is a certain play on words in the characters.
Actually the Yi symbol in Yi Jing:
and the Yi symbol which means medicine,
are homophones.
Michel Vinogradoff 
Erickson, Laozi and we, and we, and we...
Dr. Michael Vinogradoff writes in a lively and simple manner which makes us become thoroughly engrossed in the unusual meeting – meeting with Mr. Hyp and Mr. Wei.  

During the whole travelling to the world of hypnosis and thousand-year Daoist wisdom, a question arises, “What is in the heart of changes?”