Free Webinar "Introduction to Craniosacral Biodynamics"
Price: free
19:30 - 20:30 Moscow time
November,12 2021
We invite you to the webinar Introduction to Craniosacral Biodynamics with Paolo Casartelli.
In this introductory webinar we will explore some of the principles of health and healing in the craniosacral biodynamic therapy (BCST) model.
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About the webinar
There is an intelligence always at work in our bodies and our minds that is constantly trying to do the best possible thing given the conditions. So what are the best conditions that allow for the our inherent wisdom in the body to come to the foreground and work for emproving our vitality, health and well being?

In craniosacral biodynamics we work through our mindful presence to create a relational field which is therapeutic and that can support a natural healing process to occur. We will explore qualities such neutrality, gentleness, empathy as well as powerful and specific skills of perception that are invaluable to help us to connect to our resources and reconnect to our matrix of well being.

This is an open seminar to all of those interested in learning more about craniosacral biodynamics.
Craniosacral biodynamics teacher and practitioner, trained with leading community teachers such as Michael Kern, Michael Shea, Franklin Sills.
He has a PhD with a degree in molecular biology and genetics from Princeton University, USA, and experience in medical and scientific research at the California National Institute of Genetics.
Studied mindfulness psychotherapy in England with Franklin and Maura Sills.
Co-author of the book Craniosacral Biodynamics Based on Mindfulness in 12 Steps, published in Italy by RED.

Michael Kern

The wisdom of the body. The Craniosacral Approach to Health.

Written for both the layperson and the clinician, this book is a useful reference for the Breath of Life model of craniosacral work. Within this model, the sacred relationship between spirit and matter is not only contemplated and explored, but used with skill and reading to facilitate the expression of our innate health. Michael Kern's book will also serve as a resource for cranial practitioners, providing a different perspective to enrich our work.