Биологическое Декодирование.
Первая ступень
Спикер: Софи ФАВАРЕЛЬ
Стоимость: 25.000 ₽
10:00 - 19:00 по мск
3-4 сентября 2022
The French School of Practical Biodecoding Christian Flesch invites you to the training program in Biological Decoding.
Event details
Learning principle
This course is based on the alternation of theoretical information and practical exercises and aims to:
Integrate education.

Work with your own conflicts.

Use practical biological decoding in consultations. Thus, throughout the course of studying the database, you will have access to the above points.

Theoretical and practical study of biology, psychology and systems of the human body.

Questions - answers with teachers.

Clarification, correction of knowledge.
Coordinator and speaker
I have always been an avid student of Man. I have been trained in various fields, which allowed me to satisfy my curiosity and better understand people: a sports coach, a teacher of various techniques used in body therapy, an ergonomics adviser in order to correct postural deviations of clients and improve their physical fitness.

To further explore the impact of emotions on the body, I became interested in the cognitive and emotional aspects and completed a degree in Psycho-Body Therapy at IEPSIC (Institute for the Study of Mind and Body). Then I studied other therapeutic techniques, Ericksonian hypnosis, constellations, NLP, Ergonomics... But what really changed my practice was the introduction to Biological Disease Decoding (Christian Flesch School of Biological Disease Decoding Psychobiotherapist Certificate in 2012). This effective precise technique, full of respect for all the processes that occur with a person in therapy, allows you to find the meaning of the disease, going to the very heart of the problem and finding its solution there.

Today I see patients in my office in Angers and teach Biological Decoding at the School of Christian Flesch. For more information, write to us on What's App (click on the icon)
Sophie also conducts online consultations for the Russian audience with a professional translator into Russian. For more information, write to us on What's App (click on the icon)
Training course
3 levels of training:
Stage 1 - Consultant: 17 days, everyone is welcome. Start November 6-7.
Stage 2 - Accompanying: 27 days, listeners who have passed the first stage are invited.
Stage 3 - Psycho-Bio-Practitioner: 22 days, students who have passed the first stage (and 2 for the Psycho-Bio-Practice certificate) are invited.
Who is this training for
Training in Practical Biological Decoding is addressed to professionals in the health of the body (nurses, doctors, kinesiotherapists, osteopaths, psychotherapists, etc.), health of the spirit (psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, etc.), athletes, teachers, as well as all those who do not have a basic medical education, but have any other, those who are interested in helping people and well-being (children, adolescents and adults).

It is also addressed to people who want to live better and will accompany them along the path of personal development and the acquisition of tools for everyday life.
First year of study: biobases
The Biobase cycle is a real adventure and development of competencies, it is the training of certified specialists, this training is open to all curious people, as well as to professionals who want to find new tools. Over the course of 6 modules, you will learn to listen and understand the emotions that underlie our symptoms. You will learn to identify and release our real resanti, in order to then give them a positive meaning. Then you can use these messages to calm down, orient yourself and recover...

In addition to the unique memories that this inner and collective adventure will leave you with, you will get to know a full panel of your Resantis and gain very important skills to help people.

The first five Biobase modules will be held online. The sixth module is a face-to-face workshop so that we can capture the energy of the group and evaluate each participant individually for a consultant certification. The test takes place in writing and is aimed at testing the theoretical knowledge of the basics of Biological Decoding.
Stage 1: Biological Decoding Consultant, 17 required days of classes

This course invites you to get to know and then acquire specific knowledge to develop or complement your practice of helping people. The cycle consists of 6 modules of 2-3 days each, designed for a year of study. At the end, you confirm your status as a Biodecoding Consultant.
• Integration of five modules and certification of the Consultant
• What you need to know about healing...
• Become a therapist
• Fundamentals of practical biological decoding
Module 6 (3 days):
• 4th floor of biology: ectoderm
• Functions of the main organs associated with the cortex
• Functioning of the cerebral cortex: hormonal transition
• Hormonal transition
• Pain
• Pregnancy and birth
• Lefty
Module 5 (3 days):
• 3rd floor of biology: new mesoderm
• Scheme and tables of fabrics of the 3rd floor
• Laterality: right side - left side
• Locking and limiting conflicts: the main
• Entrance gate of biology
• Introduction to predicates
• Medicines
Module 4 (3 days):
• Microbes
• Second floor of biology: cerebellum
• Functions of the organs associated with the cerebellum
• Three Plans of Conflict
• Epic Crisis
• Brain
• Neurons
• Headaches, migraines, cephalgia
• Brain tumors
• Cancer diseases
• Eraser and ink bottle
Module 3 (3 days):
• Allergies
• Neurovegetative system
• Phases of the disease: two biological phases, four psychological
• Inflammation
• First floor of biology: brain stem
• Self-provoking conflict
• Chronic fatigue syndrome, anniversaries
• Chronicity
• Insufficiency
• Conflict of fear
• Bacteria and infections
Module 2 (3 days):
Module 1, Basics (2 days):
•Biological meaning of symptoms
• Two logics coexist in us
• BioTarget
• Bioshock
• Event and the meaning given to it
• Primary and secondary resanti
• Primary and secondary needs
• 3 A, 3 P
• Conflict groups:
- programming,
- structuring
- provoking
• Three Biology Lures
• 5 therapy depths
Tripolarity: mind, brain, body
• Four levels of human organization: phylogenesis, ontogenesis
• Procrustes Conflict and Diagnostic Conflict
Module dates
Module 1: September 3-4, 2022

Module 2: November 11-12-13, 2022

Module 3: January 13-14-15, 2023

Module 4: March 3-4-5, 2023

Module 5: April 28-29-30, 2023

Module 6: June 9-10-11, 2023 (face-to-face seminar in St. Petersburg)
Format of online and face-to-face classes
Classes will be held from 10:00 Moscow time to 12:00 with a change of 10-15 minutes, then a 2-hour lunch break. After lunch: from 14:00 to 18:00 with a break of 10-15 minutes. Only 7 hours of classes per day.

Online classes are held on the Zoom platform.

After each webinar, an audio recording is sent to all participants.
Teaching aids
A week before each webinar, methodological guides will be sent to you.
In the learning process
In the process of learning, the student receives theoretical knowledge, which is assessed by him independently through his own experience of working with pedagogical protocols, protocols of bodily experience, protocols of change.

During the learning process, the student receives PEDAGOGICAL support.

Teachers provide the student with PEDAGOGICAL support so that he can independently form practical biological thinking through his own experience. The listener will evaluate what the teacher gives him. The teacher always remembers that "theory is for the benefit of experience."
Student Feedback
Christian Flesh

Biological decoding of diseases

Our body is the best doctor. It contains everything: the causes of diseases, the course of diseases, the treatment and prevention of diseases. The physical, emotional, energy body of a person is fraught with both questions and answers to them.