Big Course: Biological Decoding. Level 1
Speaker: Sophie FAVAREL
Fee: 20.000 ₽
Additional set
10:00 - 19:00 Moscow time
6-7 November 2021
French School of Practical Biodecoding of Christian Fleche invites you to complete the program of study in Biological Decoding.
Event Details
Training Principle
This course is based on alternation of theoretical information and practical exercises aimed at:

· Integrating the training content;
· Working on own conflicts;
· The ability to use practical biological decoding in consultations.

Thus, throughout the training in BD you will have an access to the following points:

· Theoretical and practical study of biology, psychology and human body systems;
· Questions – answers with the trainers;
· Readjustment along with the acquired knowledge.
Supervisor and Speaker
I have always been passionate about the human being and so I followed trainings as Sports Educator, Trainer of various techniques used in bodily therapies, as well as Ergonomics Advisor helping clients to correct postural deviations and improve their health.

To better understand the impact of emotions on the body, I took an interest in cognitive and emotional aspects and was trained as a Psycho-Body Therapist at IEPSIC (Institute of Mind and Body). Then I took trainings in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Arrangements, Neuro Linguistic Programming etc.

What revolutionized my practice the most was the discovery of Biological Decoding of diseases (Psycho-Bio-Therapist Certificate from the Christian Fleche School of Biological Decoding dated 2012). This efficient and accurate technique, taking into account all the processes which proceed with a patient during the therapy, makes it possible to find the meaning of the disease going to the heart of the problem and discovering its solution there.

Currently, I am receiving patients in my own consulting room in the city of Angers and teaching Biological Decoding in the School of Christian Fleche.
Training Course
4 Training Stages:
Stage 1 — Counsellor: 17 days, for all comers
Stage 2 — Coach: 27 days, for those completed Stage 1.
Stage 3 — Psycho-Bio-Practitioner: 22 days: for those completed Stage 1 (and 2 days to obtain the Psycho-Bio-Practitioner Certificate).
Stage 4 — ‘Optional’ modules, for all comers
The training is addressed to
The professionals of the health of the body (nurses, medical doctors, kinesiotherapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, etc.), professionals of the health of the mind (psychologists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, etc.), sportsmen, instructors, as well as all those without medical background but interested in counselling in wellness (children, adolescents and adults).

It is also aimed at persons interested in enhancing their lives and in their self-development, allowing them to acquire tools for daily life.
The first year of study: Bio-Basics
The BIO-BASICS Cycle is a real adventure and mastering competencies. It is a certifying training open to all those thirsty for knowledge and professionals seeking for new tools. Throughout six modules, you will discover how to listen to and understand emotions which are at the origin of our symptoms. You will learn to identify and uncover our true feelings (resanti) in order to give them a positive meaning. Then you will be able to use these messages in order to relieve, guide and repair.

In addition to the unique memory that this inner and collective adventure will leave, individuals will discover the whole arrays of their feelings (resanti) and professionals will build a fabulous toolbox to move further in their practices.

The first five BIO-BASICS Modules will be conducted online. The sixth one is an in-person seminar, so that we could fix the group energy and evaluate each learner so that he/she could get the Counsellor Certificate. The test is done in a written form and is aimed at validating theoretical knowledge of Biological Decoding Basics.
Stage 1: Biodecoding Counsellor, 17 days of mandatory lessons

You are invited to discover and then acquire knowledge required to develop or complete your practice of helping people. The Cycle is composed of 6 Modules, 2-3 days each, spread over a year. At the end your title of Biodecoding Counsellor will be validated.
Program of the 1st Year
The Dates
Module 1: November 6-7, 2021

Module 2: November 26-28, 2021

Module 3: January 21-23, 2022

Module 4: March 4-6, 2022

Module 5: April 15-17, 2022

Module 6: June 18-20, 2022 (in-person seminar)
Online and In-Person Format
The classes will be conducted from 9:30 by Moscow time to 12:00 with a 10-15- minute break, then 2 hours of lunchtime. After lunch: from 14:00 to 18:00 with a 10-15-minute break. Seven hours a day altogether.

The training course will take place online on the Zoom platform

After each webinar the audio recordings of the courses will be accessible to the participants who experienced technical problems and were unable to connect.
Learning materials
Learning materials will be delivered to you a week prior to each webinar.
In the course of study
A learner gains theoretical knowledge which is to be evaluated by himself based on his own experience of practicing the teaching protocols, protocols of bodily experience, protocols of changes.

In the course of study, a learner will get the PEDAGOGICAL support.

A trainer will provide a learner with PEDAGOGICAL accompaniment in order he could develop his practical biological thinking through his experience. A learner will evaluate everything that a lecturer gives to him. A lecturer always remembers that “the theory always acts for the benefit of the experiment”.
Students’ Reports
Biological Decoding of Diseases
Our body is the best physician. It holds everything: causes, course, treatment and prevention of diseases. A human physical, emotional and energetic body harbors both questions and answers.