Webinar Cycle: Traditional Chinese-Vietnamese Medicine
Speaker: Marc MEZARD
Webinar fee: 45.000₽
18:00 - 20:00 by Moscow time
10 February 2021

Event Details
Training Principles
At a period when new relationships are established between patients and their therapists and the society takes a responsibility for the social protection costs, we think it important to offer the health recovery method proven by the thousand-year practice and aimed at improving the mode of life according to the so called golden mean.
· Completed the course of study in medicine
· Worked at the Department of Cardiologic Surgery in Lyon, Montpelier.
· 1984 – awarded the TCM Specialist Diploma
· 1981 - began to study Vietnamese Medicine (Diploma in 1994).
· 1995 - established the French-Vietnamese-Chinese School of Traditional Oriental Medicine
· Since 1995 has been teaching in France, Germany, the USA, Guadeloupe, St Bartolomeo, Reunion and delivering lectures in Italy, the USA, Germany, Vietnam and China.
The training is addressed to
The TCM specialists and reflex therapists.
Course Program
Online and In-Person Format
The Program of webinars is spread over 30 hours, the classes will take place online, once a week within 2 hours each (on Thursdays at 18:00 by Moscow time).

The first session will be held on November 11, at 18:00 by Moscow time.
Those who are ready to pass the exam (a test) and have scored 6 points, will be able to enroll in the practical training in one of the health centres of Vietnam. During the practice each student will be offered personal feedback and support by the trainers in performing functional tests, prescribing treatment and needling.

Practical training duration: 2 weeks
Upon successful completion of the course the Participant Certificate is awarded.
According to the results of practical training the Diploma is awarded.
Red Book of TCM
Over the whole 25-year period of my practice in oriental medicine, the patients and other people I met always asked me one and the same question, “Can you recommend any book which would explain the Traditional Chinese Medicine in a simple way?’ Unfortunately, my answer was always the same, “No! No clear-cut and at the same time simple texts describing this medicine exist”.

Today, thanks to this book, this gap is at last filled.