Speakers: Veronica Einen Rademakers and Olivier Chevalier
Cost: 35.000 ₽
10:00 - 18:00 Moscow time
October 14, 2022
We invite you to an online training course in Humanistic Hypnosis with French speakers from the IFHE school. 4 modules within 7 months.
Invitation to the online course from Veronica EINEN RADEMAKERS (speaker of the IFHE school)
Event details
About method
Humanistic hypnosis is a new independent direction among alternative types of influence and psychological assistance. The method was created by Olivier Locker and has a huge range of applications in practice.

The method works through the awakening of feelings and understanding of the unconscious mechanisms of suppression. That is, a person himself, being in a state of expanded consciousness, can change reality through a symbolic understanding of processes.

During the session, both consciousness and subconsciousness work simultaneously, the psychologist is a guide, a guide helping the client to find a solution to his problem. During the session, the client is fully involved in working on the problem, is not passive and is not controlled by the psychologist, unlike other types of hypnosis.

Another important feature is the safety of the method. During work, the client should not experience or return in one way or another to traumatic situations, all work goes through symbols, while the psychologist helps him as a guide.
Innovation: We teach a new, innovative method of hypnosis.

Efficiency: You can use the method effectively with almost all clients, in solving any problems, and also as a coaching.

Ethics: the method allows the client not to reveal all aspects of private life.

Safety: thanks to this method, the client has the opportunity to receive psychological help quickly, without retraumatization, using his own resources.

It is open to everyone: for those who have never practiced hypnosis, and for those who want to discover hypnosis in the spirit of humanism!
Teacher and Master Practitioner of Humanistic Hypnosis
Bach Flower teacher and consultant

My youth spent in different countries showed me very early the richness and diversity of human nature. I felt what unites us, what separates us. I love life and continue to openly and curiously explore it. My life path has led me to seek inner peace. Our existence is a lived experience and I have turned my life into a laboratory. I live what resonates with me and I want to share it. We have everything. My role is to make it easy for you to access your inner resources to fully be yourself.
International teacher of humanistic hypnosis of the French Institute of Erickson and Humanistic Hypnosis. Self hypnosis teacher. Hypnotherapist. Supervisor.

Once, having read in a book written by an old teacher who brought karate to France that the secret of the secrets of martial arts lies in an altered state of consciousness, I felt that my path should lie through his knowledge. Some time later I met Olivier Loker, he initiated me into hypnosis, namely Humanistic Hypnosis: it was a discovery for me! This allowed me to first put things in order in the programs that darkened my life, and then find joy, open up to people, find my own path in life. And, finally, it remains to pass the baton, to share what I have learned in order to pass on to people the chance that was given to me. Therefore, with great desire and joy, I participate in this program!
Course program
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Module 1 | "Fundamentals of Hypnosis and Communication"
The program does not mention many of the practical exercises that will be given in the workshop.


- Varieties of hypnosis: "classical", "Ericksonian", "new" and "humanistic".
- Indications for Humanistic Hypnosis.
- Calibration: observing thought in action.
- WAKO: recognition of sensory orientation systems.

- Unconscious, conscious and Consciousness: definition and characteristics.
- Alphabet of communication: Synchronization, Reformulation, Asking a question, etc.
- Simple hypnotic induction: basic structures for expansion.


- Goal setting: the ability to make a dream come true!
- Shoulder test: body test.
- Recognition of Altered States of Consciousness: signs of trance.
- Hypnotic Humanistic language: what to do, what to avoid.
- Simple hypnotic induction: open spiral.

- Self-hypnosis for the purpose of personal training.
- Hypnotic Humanistic inductions: Material and Subtle expansion.
- Hypnotic phenomena: catalepsy, hand levitation, heaviness.
- Learn to act in Consciousness, activate your deepest resources.

- Matrix, Information Objects, Ideal Self: presentation and characteristics.
- Deepening trance and deep hypnotic trance.
- Hypnotic Humanistic inductions: Material and Subtle elevation.
- Simple Symbolic Therapy: Fundamentals of humanistic practice.
Module 2 | "Simple Symbolic Therapy"
The program does not mention numerous practice exercises.

Every morning begins with a discussion about humanistic philosophy.

- Unconscious, Conscious, Soul, Consciousness.
- Hypnotic inductions of Humanistic Hypnosis 1/6.
- Increased vibration level.
- Pressing on the shoulders: body check.

- Positive Synchronization in Humanistic Hypnosis.
- Hypnotic Inductions of Humanistic Hypnosis 2/6.
- "The Humanist Brief": a big personal cleansing!
- Circle of Conception: use Humanist ideas to find your way.

- Sample session of Humanistic Hypnosis.
- Information Objects.
- Symbolic Therapy: the main tool for working with Consciousness.

- Hypnotic inductions of Humanistic Hypnosis 3/6.
- Ideal me.
- Connecting to the Ideal Self.
- How to transform the Hypnosis technique into a version of Humanistic Hypnosis.

- Hypnotic inductions of Humanistic Hypnosis 4/6.
- Research of the Past in Consciousness.
- Futurization in Humanistic Hypnosis.
- Transgeneration Application: Paths of Light.
Module 3 | "Deep Symbolic Therapy"
- Unconscious Mapping: better understand the Unconscious.
- Archetypes: at the heart of global symbolism.
- Fundamental wounds.
- Possible reactions to wounds.
- Meeting your inner child.
- Healing the Inner Child.

- Symbols of Feminine and Masculine.
- Meeting with your archetypes of "Female" and "Male".
- Treatment of Male and Female.
- Harmonization of male and female.
- Birth of the divine Child.

- Dealing with mourning in Humanistic Hypnosis.
- Meeting with your archetype "Criticism".
- Work with the Critic.
- Archetype "Sage".
- Harmonization of the Child, the Critic and the Sage.

- Advanced Symbolic Therapy: an additional exercise.
- Various stages in the development of a couple.
- The principle of resonance.
- Anima and Animus.
- Working with couples.
- Couple treatment protocol: practical exercises.

- The main types of dreams.
- Working with dreams: analysis and interpretation.
- Awakened Controlled Dream: open metaphor and symbolic analysis.
Module 4 | "Advanced Techniques"
Every morning starts with a discussion about humanistic philosophy

- Hypnotic inductions of Humanistic Hypnosis 5/6.
- Make the technique of conventional Hypnosis symbolic and Humanistic.
- Hypnotic Regrouping in a symbolic humanistic version.
- Connect to Motivation, Creativity.
- Reconnection between Consciousnesses.

- Personify the disease: preventive and curative techniques.
- Technique "Circulation": symbolic humanistic RIZH.
- Anesthesia in Symbolic Therapy.

- Hypnotic inductions in Humanistic Hypnosis 6/6.
- Erase the illusion: find your deep identity...
- Open Consciousness: Even further!

- Classics of Light: another symbolic humanistic version.
- Repetition of acquired knowledge and skills.

- Day of practice.
- Diploma "Practice of Humanistic Hyponsus".
Module dates
Module 1: October 14-15-16 (from 10:00 to 18:00) and October 29-39 (from 10:00 to 18:00) 2022

Module 2: December 9-10-11 (from 10:00 to 18:00) and December 12-13 (from 18:00 to 21:00) and December 19-20 (from 18:00 to 21:00) 2022

Module 3: January 27-28-29 (from 10:00 to 18:00) and February 4-5 (from 10:00 to 18:00) 2023

Module 4: March 31-April 1-2 (from 10:00 to 18:00) and April 3-4 (from 18:00 to 21:00) and April 10-11 (from 18:00 to 21:00) 2023
Online class format
Afternoon classes will be held from 10:00 Moscow time to 12:00 with a change of 10-15 minutes, then a 1.5 hour lunch break. After lunch: from 14:00 to 18:00 with a break of 10-15 minutes. Only 5-6 hours of classes per day.

Evening classes will be held from 18:00 to 21:00 Moscow time.

Online classes are held on the Zoom platform.

Audio and video recordings are not provided!
Teaching aids
A week before each webinar, methodological guides will be sent to you.
In addition to the certificate of completion of the course, you will receive a set of dynamic and effective techniques, thanks to which you will improve both your qualifications as a specialist psychologist and improve the quality of your life, filling it with harmony.
Student Feedback
Would you like to just listen to a hypnotic induction for "opening"?
Olivier Lockert

Humanist Hypnosis

Humanist Hypnosis is a novel didactic edition about the Art of practicing Humanist Hypnosis, a powerful and efficient technique allowing one to disburden and meet with one’s better Self.
Unlike in other types of hypnosis, here a patient gets better awareness of himself. Thus, he is not passive and does not have to let go or give in. The therapist only acts as a guide who helps the patient find the solution of his problem.