Online Conference in Traditional Chinese-Vietnamese Medicine
Speakers: Marc Mezard, Beatrice Orsetti, Samuel Vandel
Cost: free
+7 812 604-80-50
18:00 by Moscow time
19 September 2021
Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the online Conference on Traditional Chinese-Vietnamese Medicine with Marc Mezard and his colleagues!
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Topic: Traditional Chinese-Vietnamese Medicine: Modern Medicine

He was born in 1950
Completed the course of study in medicine
Worked at the Department of Cardiologic Surgery in Lyon, Montpelier
1984 – awarded the TCM Specialist Diploma
1981 - began to study Vietnamese Medicine (Diploma in 1994)
1995 - established the French-Vietnamese-Chinese School of Traditional Oriental Medicines
Since 1995 has been teaching in France, Germany, the USA, Guadeloupe, St Bartolomeo, Reunion, delivering lectures in Italy, the USA, Germany, Vietnam and China.
Topic: Gastrointestinal Reflux, Case Study

1989 – High School Leaving Certificate
1990-1991- Access Course to medical studies
1993 – Animal Physiology License holder
1994 – Master’s Degree in Neuro Physiology and Pharmacology
1995 – Diploma in Reproductive Biology
2000 – Doctor’s Degree (Chromosomal Rearrangements in Breast Tumors)
Since 2001 – Member of the research team engaged in investigations into genotypes and phenotypes of breast and ovary cancer in the Montpellier Cancer Research Institute
Since 2012 – Studying TVM in the IFVMTO (Basic Course, Pharmacopeia, Massage, Cups, Gua Sha Massage, Auricular Acupuncture, Hygiene and Health)
In 2016 – Internship in Vietnam, in 2018 – in China.
Topic: Digestive Disorders after Surgery, Case Study

Traditional Vietnamese Medicine Practitioner:
- Acupuncture and Moxibustion
- Massage
- Cups
- Magnetic Therapy
- Chinese Pharmacopeia.

Traditional Vietnamese Medicine
- IFVMTO: Has studied since January 2015
- August 2016: TCM Practitioner Diploma
- August 2016: Internship in the Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Unit, Saigon, Vietnam
- June 2017: Certificate in Hygiene and Infectious Disease Prevention and Control
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Mark Mezard

Red Book of TCM

Throughout my twenty-five years of practicing oriental medicine, patients and people I come across have constantly asked me the same question: "Can you recommend a book for me that simply explains traditional Chinese medicine?" Unfortunately, my answer was always the same: "No, there is no fairly simple compilation to clearly describe this medicine."

Today, thanks to this book, this gap is finally filled.