Cost: 40.000₽
Osteocorrection: a universal protocol
face-to-face seminar
10:00 - 17:00 Moscow time
February 4,5,6 2022
THE FIRST STEP is the most difficult one: there are several fundamentally different ways of teaching in manual directions, where the most difficult and responsible is diagnostics.
One of the most beautiful and effective ways of teaching is when teaching proceeds from techniques collected in a protocol to DIAGNOSTICS.
I called it the osteocorrection protocol.
This method solves several problems, solves them quickly and efficiently due to the fact that:
• the role of the Teacher is played by the greatest teacher - the patient's organism;
• a positive result when using the protocol is noted by the majority of patients;
• the principle “do no harm” is strictly observed;
• manual palpation is developed quickly and efficiently;
• useful for both beginners and experienced specialists;
• the easiest way to develop palpation diagnostics;
• some methods of influencing "internal breathing" through acupuncture points will increase the manual impact by an order of magnitude
Sharapov Konstantin Vladimirovich
Event details
The purpose
Develop a universal protocol that can be used in case of a huge number of violations. The protocol will need to be used during and immediately after the workshop in your daily practice.
Seminar Abstracts
The seminar will analyze the important systems that are affected by the protocol:
• the craniosacral system from the MVN position;
• the visceral system from the position of the parietal peritoneum;
• structural system from the standpoint of primary osteopathic damage, physiological and pathological torsion;
• the postural system in terms of adaptation to somatic dysfunction and gravity;
• internal flows and breaths;
• psyche in the concept that body and psyche are one.
Workshop program
The osteocorrection protocol will try to more fully reveal some of the fundamental principles:
• micromobility, fullness-emptiness, a resource for self-healing;
• systems approach, craniosacral, structural, visceral, postural systems and psyche, their connections and unity;
• primary osteopathic damage, physiological and pathological torsions.

The following techniques will be presented in the protocol:
• straight, semi-straight, indirect;
• articular and soft tissue, Cutty - Peylorada techniques;
• trust (low-amplitude high-speed);
• visceral structural;
• craniosacral structural;
• the use of acupuncture points for stagnation in the meridians and pathological torsions.

Purpose of the protocol:
• active formation of the correct posture with its subsequent harmonization;
• impact on primary osteopathic injuries and pathological torsions;
• palpation adjustment for micromobility, "chord manual", accompaniment;
• transformation of the quality of the fabric;
• principles of diagnostics via protocol.

Versatility of the protocol:
• can be used to target a wide range of violations
at the level of the structural, visceral and craniosacral systems;
• available for use by specialists with different palpation experience.

What you need to know:

- that the time of the seminar is equally valuable for the participants and the teacher: topics that a specialist can study independently will not be dealt with at the seminar;

- this seminar will not be passively receiving information, but will require active work on acquiring knowledge.

We look forward to everyone interested!

Osteopathic physician, President of the Russian Register of Doctors of Osteopathy from 1998 to 2006, acupuncturist according to Nei Ching, one of the first members of the osteopathic community in Russia.

Many years of medical and teaching activities, training with the world's leading osteopaths and masters of traditional Chinese medicine, the constant search for effective methods of treatment and recovery rightfully allow Konstantin Vladimirovich Sharapov to be regarded as an experienced specialist and teacher.