Speaker: Konstantin Sharapov
Prix: 40.000₽
Osteocorrection: a universal protocol.
St. Petersburg
10:00 - 17:00 Moscow time
April 15-17, 2022
The first step is the most difficult: there are several fundamentally different ways of learning in manual directions, where the most difficult and responsible is diagnostics.
One of the most beautiful and effective ways of learning is when learning comes from the techniques collected in the protocol for DIAGNOSIS.
I called it the osteocorrection protocol.

This method solves several problems, solves them quickly and efficiently due to the fact that:
• the greatest teacher, the patient's body, acts as the Teacher;
• a positive result when using the protocol is noted by the majority of patients;
• the principle of "do no harm" is strictly observed;
• manual palpation is developed quickly and efficiently;
• useful for both beginners and professionals with experience;
• the easiest way to develop palpation diagnostics;
• some ways of influencing "internal breathing" through acupuncture points will increase the manual effect by a whole order of magnitude.

Sharapov Konstantin Vladimirovich

Event details
The seminar will be useful if
You want to work out manual skills correctly under the supervision of one of the most experienced osteopaths

You are aiming for a faster and more positive result in your practice

You want to get a single universal protocol for diagnostics and work with patients

You want to improve your efficiency in manual work with various pathologies.
The purpose of the workshop
Work out a universal protocol that can be used for a huge number of violations. The protocol should be used during and immediately after the workshop, in your daily practice.
How is the training
Live interaction with one of the most experienced osteopaths. The teacher shares his own experience with the participants, corrects the implementation of manual techniques for each participant
Practice. After mastering the theory, participants work out manual techniques in pairs under the strict guidance of a teacher. It will also be possible to record videos of manual techniques on your devices, which will be shown by the teacher
Application of acquired knowledge. The knowledge and effective techniques gained at the seminar can be applied immediately after the seminar in your daily practice and get positive results.
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We send 12 videos (each lasting about 60 minutes) to each participant of the seminar with detailed theory from the teacher and manual techniques on the ribs with unlimited access.
Osteopathic physician, President of the Russian Register of Doctors of Osteopathy from 1998 to 2006, acupuncturist according to Nei Ching, one of the first members of the osteopathic community in Russia.

Many years of medical and teaching activities, training with the world's leading osteopaths and masters of traditional Chinese medicine, the constant search for effective methods of treatment and recovery rightfully allow Konstantin Vladimirovich Sharapov to be regarded as an experienced specialist and teacher.