Changes and points of Shu according to I-Ching
Speaker: Michel Vinogradoff
Cost: 30.000₽
11:00 - 18:00 Moscow time
May 12-15 2022
We invite you to the seminar "Changes and points of Shu according to I-Ching", author Michel Vinogradoff (France), one of the leading acupuncturists in France.
The main task of the project is the in-depth study of the concepts of acupuncture according to the I-Ching, clarified by classical texts. Knowledge of these concepts is necessary for a better knowledge of acupuncture and its foundations, as well as for use in one's practice. More thoughtful, deeper study, yielding positive results.
About webinar
What is the goal of treatment with TCM? - Make a change in the patient.

This raises two questions regarding needle treatment:

What is really change?
- What happens in the patient and in the doctor?

The I Ching gives us the key to answering these questions.
The I Ching is known as the "Book of Changes". It defines different types of changes that correspond to different ideograms.
These ideograms will be presented and discussed based on the relevant texts. This will allow you to understand what is involved in the course of acupuncture treatment.

At the time of treatment with needles, the doctor stands, the patient lies. The doctor represents the vertical axis of Heaven/Earth located in front of the horizontal axis (East/West) represented by the patient. The needle is at the intersection of these two axes.
What effect does the presence of this needle have on the two axes?
This will be explained by the sequence of hexagrams.
Various texts will allow us to clarify what happens to the doctor and the patient during the treatment process.

Each point corresponds to a certain hexagram, it explains the properties of this point. The sequence of five hexagrams for each main meridian reveals a different dynamic for each level considered.
The seminar will consider the correspondence between the hexagrams of the I-Ching and the ancient points of the SHU of each meridian. Methodology and results.

Just like at the last seminar, Michel Vinogradoff will share his personal observations and talk about treatment cases from his many years of practice. With these examples, he will explain the use of the presented points, as well as reveal to you his observations made over the years.
Bibliographic references
Lao zi

Nei Jing : Su wen et Ling Shu

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The speaker is an international lecturer. For 25 years he has been lecturing at various Acupuncture schools in Europe, at his own seminars and at international congresses.

Member of the leadership of the AFA (French Acupuncture Association).

Member of the CFA (French College of Acupuncture and Moxibustion), a 32-member scientific society that organizes the link between acupuncturists and the Ministry of Health.

Member of the Ricci Institute. Institute for the Study of Chinese, Paris.
Diagnosis by I-Ching
Recording of a free webinar by Michel Vinogradoff
Who is this training for?
The seminar is addressed to acupuncturists, TCM specialists who wish to deepen their knowledge and improve their practice.
At the end of training
Each participant of the seminar has access to unlimited viewing of video recordings for 2 months.
As Sun Si Miao, a famous physician of antiquity, who lived from 581 to 682 and wrote "Acupuncture Recipes Worth a Thousand Gold Coins" said:

"Knowledge of Yi (Yi Jing) and knowledge of acupuncture are inseparable."
There is a certain play on words in hieroglyphs.
Actually Yi character in Yi Jing : 易
And the character Yi 醫, meaning medicine,
are homophones.