Building a Weight Profile
Speaker: Isabelle Benarous
Cost: 25.000 ₽
19:00 - 21:00 Moscow time
February 22
March 1
March 15th
March 23
Dear colleagues, we invite you to an online course of 4 webinars with a new specialist for Russia - Isabelle Benarus (USA).
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Are you wondering why it can be difficult for you to lose weight and often difficult to maintain your weight loss after a diet? Do you feel tired and frustrated because no matter how often you try to eat healthy and exercise, you do not achieve the desired results?

New research confirms the link between weight gain and the psyche. The body comes up with solutions to specific unresolved problems through weight gain. The predisposition to gain weight and overeat is often linked to past emotional stresses that need to be sorted out and resolved in order to benefit from lifestyle changes.

In most cases, a radical diet does not provide long-term success because it cannot be followed for life. A person can achieve results through healthy eating and exercise only if their subconscious emotional conflicts and programs that provoke weight gain are resolved.

What drives and determines weight gain is based on 4 different profiles that need to be balanced to ensure long-term success.

This course will allow you to identify and solve problems at 4 levels:

Emotional Profile: Underlying Emotional Causes of Obesity Related to Past Events

Psychological Profile: The psychological attitudes and belief systems you use to make decisions about when and what to eat. What you feel and what reactions you have in relation to food on a conscious and subconscious level.

Ancestral Profile: Survival weight gain cellular memory associated with your ancestral history, including your parents in utero.

Behavioral Profile: The lifestyle and eating habits you have formed in your life and how they affect your weight.

This online course is designed to support you daily throughout the course to unlock and resolve deep rooted emotional issues, reprogram your psyche, create sustainable healthy habits, mend your relationship with food and most importantly your relationship with by ourselves. You will gain important knowledge about the relationship between your body and mind. You will acquire effective tools that will last you a lifetime. Learn how to lose weight to enjoy the emotional freedom and the depth of joy you were born for!!!
During this program you will:
  • Discover the emotional conflicts associated with weight gain
  • Understand the biological response associated with the need for protection
  • Understand the symbols behind body shapes
  • Discover the meaning of cellulite
  • Decipher the source of weight gain associated with the parent project
  • Get rid of the obesity problems you inherited from your ancestors
  • Learn to manage your emotional state when cravings for junk food appear
  • Learn strategies for maintaining a healthy weight
  • Discover how to adopt the beliefs and values ​​of a thin person
  • Balance your emotional, psychological, hereditary and behavioral profiles
Isabelle Benarus is the founder of the BioReprogramming® Institute and the author of The BioBreakthrough. Her teaching experience in the sciences of biological decoding and neurolinguistic programming led her to develop the BioReprogramming® modality, which is the primary tool for resolving conflicts related to health problems and eliminating subconscious programs associated with life problems. Isabelle is known for her clear explanations, creativity, and strategic intelligence.
conducts live performances during his seminars. She has earned an outstanding reputation in a number of healthcare organizations and has trained many medical practitioners around the world.

After each webinar, an audio recording is provided with a limited listening time. At the end of the course, a certificate of participation from the Isabelle school will be issued to those participants who attended all classes.

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