Focusing practice for craniosacral specialists
Price: 1.500₽
18:00 Moscow time
20 november 2021
We invite you to join the webinar “Focusing Practice for Craniosacral Specialists” with Katherine Ukleja, which will take place on November 20, 2021 at 18.00 Moscow time.
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About the webinar
Working as a craniosacral therapist with many different clients can be emotionally taxing and even draining. Focusing is a wonderful self-care tool for getting to the bottom of why we sometimes feel uncomfortable in our practice. Becoming skilled in this self-reflective method builds the capacity for working with clients with complex and difficult histories. It’s a great way of preventing burnout.
What is Focusing?
Focusing is a body-oriented process of self-awareness. It is based in an ability that most of us have, or can develop – that of listening to what our subtle inner feelings are telling us.

It was discovered in 1960’s by Professor Eugene Gendlin at the University of Chicago. There, he began research into the question ‘Why is psychotherapy helpful for some people, but not for others?’ After studying hundreds of therapy sessions, Gendlin and his research team concluded that they could predict the success of treatment based on the clients that were able to have body awareness; for which he coined the term ‘felt sense’.

Gendlin went on to formulate a six-step protocol to teach people how to access and use this body awareness as a means of self help. His ground-breaking approach has been incorporated into numerous therapy modalities. In particular in the treatment and resolution of trauma Focusing has been adapted by great innovators such Babette Rothschild and Peter Levine.
Craniosacral biodynamic therapist. Her interest in health and healing began 30 years ago when she was fascinated by the ability of some people to survive in extreme circumstances and overcome "incurable" diseases. She now believes that the principles of biodynamic craniosacral therapy provide us with answers to these questions, and shed light on our deep resources of natural forces that support optimal health in us throughout life.

Katherine received her qualification as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist from the Karuna Institute under the inspiration of Franklin Sills, the world leader in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. She also holds degrees in other types of therapies, including a two-year diploma in antenatal and birth therapy with Ray Castellino. However, of all these tools, Katherine considers the gentle and non-aggressive Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to be the most profoundly effective aid for long-term relief from an impressive range of debilitating and dire conditions, which also restores clients' confidence in their ability to manage their own health.
United Kingdom

Michael Kern

The wisdom of the body. The Craniosacral Approach to Health.

Written for both the layperson and the clinician, this book is a useful reference for the Breath of Life model of craniosacral work. Within this model, the sacred relationship between spirit and matter is not only contemplated and explored, but used with skill and reading to facilitate the expression of our innate health. Michael Kern's book will also serve as a resource for cranial practitioners, providing a different perspective to enrich our work.