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Pulse diagnostics in manual directions and osteopathy, applied value
12:00 - 16:00 Moscow time
December 26, 2021
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Pulse diagnostics is both science and art !! The success of pulse diagnostics is the result of a harmonious combination of the doctor's deep knowledge, good training and his clinical experience.

“The heart is a mystical organ that connects all our bodies. It is a sensitive barometer that scans the state of the whole organism and forms the phenotype of the pulse wave in different conditions. " Vasant Lad ("Pulse Diagnostics").

Pulse-based diagnostics in oriental medicine is the main diagnostic method. It allows you to determine the balance of the vital principles of the body and, depending on this, determine in which organs and systems there is a violation of their functions. Pulse diagnosis helps to suggest an incipient disease, even in the absence of any manifestations. Indeed, it often happens that the balance of systems in the body is disturbed, but a person still does not feel sick, believing that he has no reason to see a doctor. Timely preventive measures taken or started treatment will successfully restore balance in the body and avoid serious problems.
  • 1
    Pulse diagnostics: history, present, and future.
  • 2
    An overview of pulse diagnostics from the perspective of various schools of energy osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • 3
    The main parameters of the pulse on the radial artery.
  • 4
    Diagnostics of the quantity and quality in the pulse and tissues.
  • 5
    Pulse diagnostics from the position of three floors according to Jacques Pial.
  • 6
    Craniosacral system and pulse, comparison of quantitative and qualitative parameters.
  • 7
    Webster's dysfunction and pulse.
  • 8
    Pulse diagnostics in search of the causes of primary osteopathic damage.
  • 9
    Possibilities of teaching pulse diagnostics for practical use in osteopathy and TCM.
Osteopathic physician, President of the Russian Register of Doctors of Osteopathy from 1998 to 2006, acupuncturist according to Nei Ching, one of the first members of the osteopathic community in Russia.

Many years of medical and teaching activities, training with the world's leading osteopaths and masters of traditional Chinese medicine, the constant search for effective methods of treatment and recovery rightfully allow Konstantin Vladimirovich Sharapov to be regarded as an experienced specialist and teacher.