Marina V. Sharapova
A Further Education Teacher
— Petrozavodsk State University, majoring in General Medicine.
— Completed the course in Neurology, took advance studies and trainings based on the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education and the Pavlov First Medical University. Subject: Actual Issues of Neurology.
— Studied Biological Decoding at the Christian Fleche School, France.
Occupation: Neurologist of the higher qualification category, Sharapov Clinic of Osteopathy.
Private practice: Accompanist in Biological Decoding

Worked as a Neurologist in the outpatient departments and medical units of St Petersburg. Regularly took t6he advance courses in Neurology and Occupational Pathology

The last cycle of advanced training was completed at the I.I.Mechnikov Northern-West State Medical University in 2019.

Has the outpatient reception hours in the clinic

A valid Certificate in Neurology (expiring on 25.10.2024).

— Completed the program in Humanist Hypnotherapy in France.

— Advanced training within the framework of the Further Education Teacher Program.

— Neurologist, Craniosacral Academy Ltd.
Since 2020