Introduction to Craniosacral Biodynamics
Speakers: Maria Zaitseva, Yana Bulatova
Seminar fee: 20.000 ₽
10:00 - 18:00 by Moscow time
10-12 December 2021
City: Moscow
Welcome to the 3-day seminar introducing to Craniosacral Biodynamics.
Event Details
Training Principle
This is an extended version of a regular 2-day seminar created specially to provide further insight into the subject and cultivate clearly defined palpation skills.

Craniosacral Biodynamics as the in-depth method of work with a wholeness we call a human becomes more and more popular in Russia, while in the west it is already a part of life of ordinary people. In some countries Craniosacral Biodynamics is included in the health care insurance plan.
Training Methods
Craniosacral Biodynamics is an in-depth whole-body healing practice. It is based on the holistic principles and includes a few basic concepts:

· non-invasiveness
· wholeness
· resonance
· work with subtle body rhythms
· spatiality

Biodynamics does not divide a man into the physical, psychological and energetic constituent parts. The therapist’s hands feel instantaneously the pulsating live Universe which contains all the aspects of existence. This allows to connect the patient with his initial health and, as result, to re-establish his functions (including control over the central nervous system), to balance the work and movement of tissues and organs, and also to heal the deep psychologic traumas.

The patient is not only healed, but also gains stronger relations with his own body that enables him to function more efficiently in everyday life. In addition, biodynamics is not an esoteric approach, it is based on the deep knowledge of physiological processes, embryology, neonatology and anatomy.
Seminar Talking Points
Within these three days we will consider the following topics:

· History and Development of the Craniosacral Basic Concepts
· Primary Respiratory System
· Exercises on Self-Palpation and Work in Pairs
· The Therapist State
· The Ritual of Contact
· Concept of Tides (craniosacral rhythmic impulse, mid-tide and long tide)
· Patterns of Experience Imprinted in a Body, Inertial Fulcrums
· Basic Therapeutic Principles – Treatment Priorities, Phase of Relief, Balance Achievement, Work with This States.
· Deputy Director in Organisational Work, Craniosacral Academy Ltd
· In the period of 2005-2007 studied in Upledger Institute, completed the course of study in Craniosacral Biodynamics at the Wellness Institute under Roger Gilchrist (USA), completed the course at the CTET School (London, Great Britain).
· For the last five years - a member of the Working Group of ECSAN (EC European Craniosacral Association).
Maria Zaitseva
· Graduated from the St Petersburg University of Economics and Finances, majoring in Management
· Completed the course at the Universite Paris-Dauphine (France); majoring in Management
· In 2018 completed the course of study at the CTET School (London, Great Britain), BCST, Teaching Assistant in training seminars in Biodynamics.
Yana Bulatova
The training is addressed to
A wide audience, from the health-care practitioners, psychologists and trainers to those far from healing practices but wishing to try themselves in something new and probably gain a new profession in the future.
In the course of training
You will get a general idea about Biodynamics and its work, will be able to start practicing on the basic level, use the universal biodynamic principles in your current practice. In case you wish to deepen into this method and get a Craniosacral Specialist International Diploma, we will provide you with information on where and how it could be done.
Wisdom in the Body. The Craniosacral Approach to Essential Health
Intended for both medical practitioners and all those without medical backgrounds, this book is a useful manual of the Breath of Life model of Craniosacral practice. Within this potent model the author considers the sacred relations between the spirit and the matter and also discusses the skills encouraging the body’s natural intention to heal. A valuable resource for practitioners in Craniosacral therapy intended to enrich their knowledge.