Introductory Webinar "Humanistic Hypnosis"
Speaker: Veronica EINEN RADEMAKERS
Cost: Free
19:00 - 20:00 by Moscow time
27th October
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И в ближайшее время с вами свяжется наш менеджер
Нажимая на кнопку, вы даете согласие на обработку своих персональных данных и соглашаетесь с политикой конфиденциальности.
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About the webinar
We will talk about Humanistic Hypnosis, its philosophy and spirituality, its tools, how it differs from other forms of hypnosis, to whom it is addressed and how it can help us follow the fundamental principles of Life.

And Veronica will be happy to answer all your questions.
Teacher and Master Practitioner of Humanistic Hypnosis
Bach Color Trainer and Consultant

My youth spent in different countries very early showed me the richness and diversity of human nature. I felt that we were united, that we were alienating us. I love life and continue to explore it openly and with curiosity. My path in life has led me to search for inner peace. Our existence is a lived experience and I turned my life into a laboratory. I live what resonates in me and I want to share it. We have everything. My role is to make it easier for you to access your inner resources to fully be yourself.
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Olivier Locker

Humanistic Hypnosis

An innovative and didactic publication on the art of practicing Humanistic Hypnosis - a powerful and effective technique for freeing yourself from your bonds and meeting your best self ...

In Humanistic Hypnosis, unlike other forms of hypnosis, a person achieves greater awareness of himself. Thus, he is not passive, he does not need to obey the therapist. The hypnotherapist becomes a guide who helps you work on yourself in complete autonomy ...