Introductory webinar "Osteopathy at the junction of body and mind"
Speaker: SHARAPOV K. V.
Cost: free
19:30 - 20:30 by Moscow time
18 October 2021
We invite everyone to a free introductory webinar on the topic "Osteopathy at the junction of body and psyche, stuck emotions and hidden conflicts, Xie Qi and Guei."
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About the introductory webinar
If you want to know:

- what is the unity of osteopathy, BMT and psychology, the unity of which is based on the fundamental laws set forth in ancient sources and confirmed by the practice of modern specialists,

- get detailed answers to any of your questions,

then this online seminar is for you.
Osteopathic physician, President of the Russian Register of Doctors of Osteopathy from 1998 to 2006, acupuncturist according to Nei Ching, one of the first members of the osteopathic community in Russia.

Many years of medical and teaching activities, training with the world's leading osteopaths and masters of traditional Chinese medicine, the constant search for effective methods of treatment and recovery rightfully allow Konstantin Vladimirovich Sharapov to be regarded as an experienced specialist and teacher.
30 октября состоится авторский 7-часовой вебинар с Шараповым К.В. ->