Introduction to Biological Decoding
Speaker: Sophie Favarel
Cost: free
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19:00 - 20:00 by Moscow time
3 September 2021
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About the webinar
If you want to:

• find the causes of the disease you are suffering from and recover,
• learn to become a therapist,
• acquire effective and accurate tools to improve their therapeutic practice,

then this online meeting is for you.
I have always been passionate about the human being and so I followed trainings as Sports Educator, Trainer of various techniques used in bodily therapies, as well as Ergonomics Advisor helping clients to correct postural deviations and improve their health.

To better understand the impact of emotions on the body, I took an interest in cognitive and emotional aspects and was trained as a Psycho-Body Therapist at IEPSIC (Institute of Mind and Body). Then I took trainings in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Arrangements, Neuro Linguistic Programming etc.

What revolutionized my practice the most was the discovery of Biological Decoding of diseases (Psycho-Bio-Therapist Certificate from the Christian Fleche School of Biological Decoding dated 2012). This efficient and accurate technique, taking into account all the processes which proceed with a patient during the therapy, makes it possible to find the meaning of the disease going to the heart of the problem and discovering its solution there.

Currently, I am receiving patients in my own consulting room in the city of Angers and teaching Biological Decoding in the School of Christian Fleche.
Sophie Favarel
Biological Decoding of Diseases
Our body is the best physician. It holds everything: causes, course, treatment and prevention of diseases. A human physical, emotional and energetic body harbors both questions and answers.