Biodynamic view of the newborn
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18:00 Moscow time
December 4, 2021
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Dear colleagues, we invite you to the webinar "Biodynamic view of the newborn". The host of the webinar is Ekaterina Gordeeva, neonatologist. BCST. Specialist in behavioral neurophysiology. The duration of the webinar is 1.5-2 hours.
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About the webinar
The meeting between a specialist in craniosacral biodynamics and a newborn baby is special. A person comes to the reception who has just experienced a colossal change in his existence. Intensive processes take place in his body that change his biochemistry, hormonal regulation. The reflex sphere adapts to new conditions. New sensations storm the baby's attention.
The emotional level, on the one hand, is trying to find a significant adult, and on the other hand, to cope with the brightest experience of birth.

Humanity has accumulated many myths about newborns, about how they see, that they can understand how they feel pain. We will try to reduce their number.
What can we learn at the webinar?
- At the webinar, we will get acquainted with the characteristics of newborn babies and learn to look at them very carefully.
- To see many processes and know how to distinguish transitional states from pathology, with which it is worth going to a neonatologist.
- Let's learn to determine the status of the autonomic nervous system of newborns and see how it differs from an adult.
- Let's analyze the features of attention of a newborn.

It is very important to meet the little person where he is. His further confidence in the world depends on this.
Neonatologist, BCST. Graduated from the Russian State Medical University in 2004, residency in neonatology with a course of neonatal resuscitation. BCST (Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust, UK). Experience in nursing premature newborns at the hospital stage for more than 10 years. Experience in the rehabilitation of newborns at the post-hospital stage for 7 years. She is currently assisting in the Craniosacral Therapy course at the Craniosacral Education Trust.


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