Speaker: Konstantin Sharapov
Cost: 10.000₽
Tension faciale et troubles ORL dans les concepts de l'ostéopathie et à partir de la position du système Wu-hsing (cinq transformations)
January 30, 2022
Wu Xing is a traditional Chinese concept. This is one of the fundamental categories of Chinese philosophy, which determines the main parameters, the universal scheme, the structure of the universe.
Event details

  • Wu-xing (five transformations) as a system explaining primary osteopathic damage, impaired mobility, and quality of tissues, practical application in osteopathy.

  • Anatomical features of the face and oral cavity from the standpoint of applied osteopathy, biomechanics, and physiological torsion.

  • Torsion model of the face and oral cavity, physiological and pathological torsion of the facial skull.

  • "Palpatory games", diagnostics and correction of facial torsion, direct backlash-mobility techniques.

  • Stagnation in the region of the facial skull, causes, and methods of correction.

  • ENT problems in the concept of wu-xing, torsion model, and stagnation.

  • Dampness and methods of excretion. Nutrition and acupuncture points.
Osteopathic physician, President of the Russian Register of Doctors of Osteopathy from 1998 to 2006, acupuncturist according to Nei Ching, one of the first members of the osteopathic community in Russia.

Many years of medical and teaching activities, training with the world's leading osteopaths and masters of traditional Chinese medicine, the constant search for effective methods of treatment and recovery rightfully allow Konstantin Vladimirovich Sharapov to be regarded as an experienced specialist and teacher.
How often do you encounter facial pain and ENT disorders in your practice?
On February 4-6, an author's seminar by Sharapova K. will take place. - "Osteocorrection: universal protocol"