Speaker: Roger Gilchrist
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Energy Medicine by Dr. Randolph Stone: Polarity Therapy
May 11
May 18
June 8
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We invite you to take part in a new author's series of webinars by American specialist Roger Gilchrist. We have been cooperating with Roger for over 10 years. Roger visited Russia more than a dozen times, his book was a huge success that the entire edition was sold out. Expand your knowledge of osteopathy and craniosacral biodynamics in webinars with an international speaker.
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What is Polarity Therapy?
Polarity Therapy is a holistic system that works with consciousness, energy and body structure in the healing process. Polarity Therapy was developed by American osteopath Randolph Stone as a combination of many ancient practices of energy medicine (Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Hermetic science) into a single understanding.
Three Principles of Polarity Therapy
Polarity Therapy describes the Three Principles that organize all energy fields, from the subatomic world to complex organisms and macrogalaxies. She also uses ancient descriptions of the Five Elements as qualities of matter and consciousness. These two themes make up the sequential dynamics in polarity therapy.
Three Principles and Five Elements
This Level 1 Polarity Therapy course explores the interplay of the Three Principles and the Five Elements. We will study the poles of the human energy system as they are defined in human anatomy. We will learn the skills of opening the human energy field and general balancing. We will be introduced to three styles of contact in polar therapy, each of which has a different clinical application.
Five Elements
We will then look at the Five Elements in multiple dimensions. The Five Elements are resonant harmonics that organize the energy field and express certain functions in the body. Study the relations of manifestations of each element embodied in the body! This allows you to work in depth with the qualitative aspects of your customer experience.
Structural Aspects
Finally, we will look at the structural aspects of Polarity Therapy. Dr. Randolph Stone was an osteopath and combined classical osteopathic manual medicine with energy awareness. At the webinar, we explore structural relationships and their energetic significance.
What exactly does Polarity Therapy give us?
As we continue our study of Polarity Therapy, we will appreciate it as a manual medicine, energy medicine, and tool for growing awareness.

What exactly Polarity Therapy gives us (compared to CranioSacral Therapy) is a map of the human energy system. This multidimensional map helps us to know where we are in the therapeutic process and what other dynamics resonate with what we are working with. This knowledge leads to a more specific interaction with the client and can lead to more effective clinical work.
MA, RPE, RCST, has been practicing Polarity Therapy since 1982 and has been the principal instructor of Polarity Therapy in the US, Europe and Australia. He has published numerous articles on Polarity Therapy, including its relationship to CranioSacral Therapy. Roger is a former Vice President of the American Polarity Therapy Association. He was the keynote speaker at the 2012 APTA conference where he introduced a new integrative therapeutic approach called Neuroenergetic Therapy.

Roger Gilchrist

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