Speaker: Fatkhullin Reingold Robertovich
Cost: 2.000
tai chi
10:00-11:00 Moscow time
April 14, 21, 28
May 5
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Chunliang Al Juan
"Embracing the tiger, I return to the mountain"
“We know that we can influence the spirit through work with the body, and we
we do it intentionally - that's why we call tai chi the discipline of movement"

"Truly be aware of what gravity is doing to you and don't lose it
feeling. It's not about being crushed or falling apart
parts of gravity. Just let gravity pull you down and help you
you loosen up."
What is Tai Chi?
Tai Chi Quan (Fist of the Great Ultimate) is a Chinese martial art. AT
the process of training, to develop certain qualities, the method was used
slow, smooth and concentrated execution of movements.

It has been observed that this practice has a beneficial effect on health, both physical and mental, on the functioning of the brain, and on the functioning of the human nervous system. This led to the emergence of Tai Chi Quan as a system that maintains the physical, emotional, mental and energy balance in a person.
What does tai chi give?
Continuous movement and moderate-impact breathing ensures a safe cardiovascular workout

Rather complex coordination of movements trains the brain and forms new neural connections, which is extremely necessary for people in adulthood

Rounded trajectories of movements reduce the load on the joints, improve blood microcirculation in the joints and ligaments

Smooth movements also bring order to nervous activity.

A calm mind (as a result of study) makes informed decisions. Balanced decisions lead to order in business, well-being in life

For those who do not aim for strength records, Tai Chi is a great way to keep muscles in good shape.

Qigong breathing exercises, which are closely related to the practice of Tai Chi, help to normalize blood pressure.

Sense of balance improves and the “wholeness” of the body is acquired
Trainer of the highest category in Wushu-taol. Judge of the republican category in Wushu-taol
Champion and prize-winner of Russian and international competitions. Champion and medalist
Shanghai World Championship 2000

Experience of coaching in Ushu-taolu - since 1997. Taiji teaching experience since 2003. Among the pupils there are champions and prize-winners of both Russian and international competitions held in Shaolin, Shanghai, Singapore, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Italy.
Fatkhullin Reingold Robertovich
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